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81.) - Eddie Knaus from (Tuesday, 24. Jun 2003)
about the windgirls-mag: I just want to tell you all at wind-girls that you fulfill my every fantasy. My number one turn on is windsurfing and close in second is girls who windsurf. I wish you all the best for your magazine and hope to see many more women windsurfers in the future. You are awesome!!!

82.) Norway Alf from (Monday, 23. Jun 2003)
EMail: alf@mobilpost.com
about the windgirls-mag: Nice work

Go for it

Alf :-)

83.) USA David Mark from (Wednesday, 18. Jun 2003)
EMail: razzdmark@hotmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: Ausgezeichtnet Site!
Ich hab' von neunzehn Jahre zuerst gesegelt. Nach viele Euro-Reisen bin ich zur Gorge gegangen, um dort zu wohnen. Jetz geh' ich zur Maui wieder, aber dieses Mal bleib' ich dort. ( : Ich moechte eine Deustche sprachende Frau [Ich versteh' auf Deutsch besser als ich jetz spreche. Nicht genug praktizieren?] Any lady out there looking for a university-educated man you might consider meeting in Maui? I'm looking for a straight or bi, educated, athletic, well-shaped yound lady who LOVES music and to shred -- with few fears, if ANY. Email me at razzdmark@hotmail.com -- Ich werde ein Photo schicken. Respond to THIS message with one of you own photos, if you are interested. My heritage is Czech, Swiss & Irish. {Och talar DU Svenska? Norska? Danska? Nederlaendisch? }

Happy Sailing -- David (The Flying Fish)

84.) philippines maricel from (Thursday, 12. Jun 2003)
EMail: acel.paz@eudoramail.com
about the windgirls-mag: hey! it is a nice website. i'm also a windsurfer here. more power!!!

85.) Finland Juha Maijala from (Thursday, 12. Jun 2003)
EMail: juha.maijala@hut.fi
about the windgirls-mag: Keep it Windsurfing!

86.) Holland Janine du Plessis from (Wednesday, 11. Jun 2003)
EMail: janine_du_plessis@yahoo.com
about the windgirls-mag: Graag zou ik ook in contact willen komen met jongedames uit Nederland om eventueel samen mee te gaan surfen! Ik hoor het wel!

87.) Holland Janine du Plessis from (Wednesday, 11. Jun 2003)
EMail: janine_du_plessis@yahoo.com
about the windgirls-mag: Hello!!! How nice to see a website for windsurfbabes! I really like to see the beautiful pictures on the site!
Keep on going!

88.) GARDALAKE DF from (Thursday, 24. Apr 2003)
about the windgirls-mag: the site is so nice like you girls keep on working on...you're beatiful smak :)

89.) austria obi from (Monday, 21. Apr 2003)
about the windgirls-mag: andy, is this really your page?! great!!!!!

90.) Italy Tom from (Sunday, 09. Mar 2003)
EMail: toorto@tin.it
about the windgirls-mag: Go girls, keep on surfin'

91.) France-Paris Kary from (Wednesday, 26. Feb 2003)
EMail: karynoel007@yahoo.fr
about the windgirls-mag: Hello, just a look on your site, very good, I'm new in kitesurf and I like it, hope one day will come to practice on your coasts....I'd like to go to kite to Carmel where I went yet and that I love

92.) CROATIA Gozi from (Sunday, 23. Feb 2003)
EMail: goran052@hotmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: Helooo!!!
You have a great site,and I`m pleased that I have found it!!!That is everything we surfers need,beauties in this sport,what we all love!Back here in Croatia,we have our little site,www.windsurfing.hr ,so you girls can meet us boys,and we can work together!!!:-)
Pozdrav iz Pule!!!

93.) the states pauline from (Friday, 07. Feb 2003)
EMail: fasstpaw@yahoo.com
about the windgirls-mag: another wind girl-i'm from berkeley california.
there are a few of us here so far....i love this

94.) Great Britain Damian from (Saturday, 01. Feb 2003)
about the windgirls-mag: I hope gents are allowed here, anyway:

What an excellent site! It just oozes enthusiasm for the sport I love. It's really great to read so many positive comments, as well as input from some of windsurfing's top professionals (+ glamour as well). Keep it up windgirls.

95.) Switzerland Tabea from (Friday, 31. Jan 2003)
about the windgirls-mag: Aloha windgirls from freezing, snowy Switzerland,
This website is so cool! Really keeps me going while enduring a dreary winter in Switzerland! :-) Keep posting beautiful pics and great stories! So encouraging to see all those girls out there ripping the waves!
Hang loose - Tabby :-)

96.) usa nikki merrell from (Monday, 27. Jan 2003)
EMail: nmerrell@hotmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: hello from corpus christi, glad to see other women sailing to inspire me. thanks.

97.) Italia Cami from (Tuesday, 21. Jan 2003)
EMail: fasti_81@yahoo.it
about the windgirls-mag: Ciao aloha-girls..life is too short, don't waste it..go surfing!!!

98.) france christine from (Wednesday, 08. Jan 2003)
EMail: stine@hotmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: Do you have the e- mail adress from the nice guy in the sunset of the Sri lanka picture story ?Uli - do you know him ? By the way - a great site, congratulations! Merci, Christine

99.) Poland Adam from (Saturday, 04. Jan 2003)
EMail: windsurfing@konin.lm.pl
about the windgirls-mag: Very nice site you have here.Congratulations!!!Pozdrawiam wszystkich windsurferów z POLSKI.

100.) Arturo from France (Wednesday, 11. Dec 2002)
EMail: arturo666fr@yahoo.fr
about the windgirls-mag: Uli, thanks for your great pics of Sri Lanka. It looks like paradise.
You should give the Email of the model after a quick selection for the "pas utilisé" !
Give us some more pics ... and more trips !

101.) Arthur from France (Wednesday, 11. Dec 2002)
EMail: arturo666@yahoo.fr
about the windgirls-mag: Thanks Uli for your Xtra pics of Sri Lanka. It looks like paradise.
You should give the Email of the model after a quick selection !!!! Private joke Uli.
"Le pas utilisé"

102.) Cassie from CANADA!!!! (Sunday, 01. Dec 2002)
EMail: smiley_chick16@hotmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: MAN THIS SITE ROCKS...I have only been windsurfing for 2 years and already it seems liek it is takeing over my life!! i am lovin it!! Keep up the smashen work ladies!

103.) Siewert from Netherlands (Thursday, 21. Nov 2002)
EMail: Swesterhoff@hotmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: Excellent site you have here.
Keep up the good work girls. HANG LOOSE!!