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1.) Bryan Norman from Malaysia (Wednesday, 01. Jun 2011)
EMail: bry@malaysiaseasports.com
about the windgirls-mag: Great initiative, great site. Just what the doctor ordered: more windsurfing girls, more windgirls :)


Malaysia Sea Sports

2.) Siewert from Netherlands (Wednesday, 01. Jun 2011)
EMail: Swesterhoff@hotmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: Excellent site you have here.
Keep up the good work girls. HANG LOOSE!!

3.) USA Alex Brown from (Saturday, 27. Dec 2008)
EMail: axbr13@gmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: Great site


4.) DE Johann Koenich from (Friday, 19. Dec 2008)
EMail: johann.koenich@googlemail.com
about the windgirls-mag: Gute page.


5.) TURKEY SEFA ERDOGAN from (Saturday, 08. Nov 2008)
EMail: komandosniper8343@mynet.com
about the windgirls-mag: ALOHAA:))
siteniz cok guzel ... web sites very nice

6.) Ghana jerry sandoh from (Wednesday, 21. May 2008)
EMail: cashlady74@yahoo.com
about the windgirls-mag: I am a 19 year old guy looking for love,hope i find one.........i really love music and i like paying football on sunday,i like reading most hope to have a good one who will understand me well to be my good girlfriend in a serious relationship i am really..........and God bless

7.) germany windsurfteenie from (Wednesday, 29. Aug 2007)
about the windgirls-mag: for all teenie-surfers look:
aloha, chantale

8.) uk nigel from (Wednesday, 25. Jul 2007)
EMail: nigelchard@hotmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: love this site

9.) thailand tina from (Sunday, 08. Jul 2007)
EMail: tina@severnesails.com
about the windgirls-mag: great to have a dedicated girl's site! tina

10.) Germany M.Staak from (Saturday, 09. Jun 2007)
about the windgirls-mag: ALHOA

Nice page :)

Please visit my page:

TNX ;-)

best regards

11.) Cuxhaven Germany Tinkerbell from (Sunday, 04. Mar 2007)
EMail: surfandkite.de@web.de
about the windgirls-mag: Aloha Girls!

Very nice here

Come in www.surfandkite.de

for Girls

12.) Poland Ola from (Tuesday, 02. Jan 2007)
EMail: olahabich@tlen.pl
about the windgirls-mag: Thank You for this side! It's great! I love it!

13.) Bonaire Ann Phelan from (Thursday, 07. Dec 2006)
EMail: ann@bonairecaribbean.com
about the windgirls-mag: Come on down to Bonaire, Chicas...good training grounds for winter 2007.


14.) USA Pat Barringer from (Saturday, 19. Aug 2006)
EMail: pat.barringer@gmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: This site rocks for windsurfing fans. Glad I found it!

15.) sqp@yahoo.com sqp@yahoo.com from (Friday, 16. Jun 2006)
EMail: sqp@yahoo.com
about the windgirls-mag: Pretty good site. Nat

16.) Belgium Cindy from (Friday, 16. Jun 2006)
about the windgirls-mag: I love this site! Windgirls rule!!!

17.) South Africa Janet Lightbody - GUST MAGAZINE from (Tuesday, 23. May 2006)
EMail: jl@gustmag.com
about the windgirls-mag: Hey girls - love your vibe. You're an inspiration to
us all! Let's share the joys of the wind!

18.) SLOVAKIA!! Mortina from (Wednesday, 17. May 2006)
EMail: mortinawb@yahoo.com.au
about the windgirls-mag: I quite like it. I love the pics a the videos. Its awesome. :) xx
Just starting with Windsurfing and I love it.

19.) Cyprus Constantinos from (Wednesday, 03. May 2006)
about the windgirls-mag: Hello from Cyprus!!

20.) holland erica voogd from (Monday, 24. Apr 2006)
EMail: ericavoogd@yahoo.com
about the windgirls-mag: i am looking for my windsurf-friend from italy,
VERONICA PACHULSKI, we lost contact.

21.) USA Ybon from (Friday, 07. Apr 2006)
about the windgirls-mag: Hallo.
Gute Seit. Viele interessieren Sache.

22.) lome agu from (Monday, 27. Feb 2006)
EMail: mumu@maga.com
about the windgirls-mag: i dey ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

23.) Germany Ingo from (Friday, 24. Feb 2006)
about the windgirls-mag: Nice page !
Please revisit my page www.duckjibe.de, if you are interested to exchange links, please let me know. Hang Loose, Ingo

24.) Bonaire Ann P-KOTCaribbean from (Saturday, 28. Jan 2006)
EMail: ann@bonairecaribbean.com
about the windgirls-mag: Girls,

Come on down for freestyle action. I squeeked out a 5 K USD purse for women. Also, Coco Palm Garden is sponsoring the stay of the women so the first 10 who reply have a FREE STAY! Contact me, please, not CCP to organize this.

April 6-9 KOTCaribbean

25.) holland Floor from (Friday, 02. Dec 2005)
about the windgirls-mag: great is this..

26.) USA Samuel from (Monday, 21. Nov 2005)
EMail: sam.john99@gmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: This is a truly fantastic site, which I stumbled upon through google, I must say it has been a pleasure viewing this site and I am very happy that I found it, excellent content, keep up the good work and good luck.

27.) portugal susan from (Sunday, 23. Oct 2005)
EMail: susana_fcp@hotmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: this site are very nice** keep going!!! i'm also a windsurf girl...GO SURFING GIRLS!!!!! KISSES

28.) netherlands floortje from (Friday, 14. Oct 2005)
EMail: waterfreak13@hotmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: hi people, I live in holland right now for my studies, I started to learn windsurfing to years ago, it's sooooo cool, but stuff is soooo expensive. Gotta get some new stuff, or get my old sail fixed. but then I hope to join the people on the water again!!

see ya
ps: I'd like to chat withother girls who windsurf. I still have to pick it up properly.. its hard sometime, when you don't feel like making progress, but its soo awesome!

29.) Peru Eliott from (Saturday, 10. Sep 2005)
EMail: celias1@hotmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: Hi, iam a friendly boy who likes surfing waves and travelling, i visited alots of places in peru so i can tell you the food is great we have great beaches north of lima, like mancora, chicama,pacasmayo with great waves chicama has for me the longest wave in the world, 43 kilometers south of lima you can find pico alto with waves from 8 to 10 meters.
if u are interested contact me

30.) Canada Janice from (Friday, 22. Jul 2005)
about the windgirls-mag: Very inspiring. I just took up sailing at 45 and now want to learn windsurfing after watching the guys do it at the beach near my home. Gonna go get some lessons!

31.) USA Desiree from (Saturday, 09. Jul 2005)
EMail: dieharddes@yahoo.com
about the windgirls-mag: This website ROCKS!!! The entire site is an inspiration to us windgirls around the world.
Thanks for posting this site!
Cape Cod Wahines

32.) Bellingham, WA USA April from (Wednesday, 11. May 2005)
EMail: glitz6@hotmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: I got back on a windsurfing board a couple of weeks ago while on vacation.I hadn't gone since I was 10 years old (I'm 24 now). I have dreamt about it every night since I have come back. Thank you for the very cool website dedicated to ladies. It is very inspiring.

33.) Germany Nordkind Crew from (Wednesday, 13. Apr 2005)
EMail: pr@nordkind.com
about the windgirls-mag: Hi! Tolle Site. Schaut gerne auch mal bei uns rein www.nordkind.com greetz !

34.) FL - USA Huy from (Wednesday, 16. Mar 2005)
about the windgirls-mag: Guten Tag. Cool site. Hello from sunny Florida.

35.) togo guy man from (Friday, 04. Mar 2005)
about the windgirls-mag: all guy man keep off i love this sit keep off.

36.) Connecticut USA Terry from (Monday, 14. Feb 2005)
EMail: rubajack@hotmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: Congrats on a very informative site. Excellent photography and great video action shots. The ladies have amazing talents. Keep up the great works.

37.) Connecticut USA Terry from (Monday, 14. Feb 2005)
about the windgirls-mag: Congrats on a very informative site. Excellent photography and great video action shots. The ladies have amazing talents. Keep up the great works.

38.) Germany Karin from (Saturday, 12. Feb 2005)
EMail: coxew@gmx.de
about the windgirls-mag: Hallo, an informative and very cleraly homepage is yours, congratulations from www.enregy-pure.de.vu

39.) Germany Karin from (Thursday, 10. Feb 2005)
EMail: coxew@gmx.de
about the windgirls-mag: Super Website, congratulations!!! All ist informative and clearly. Wonderful, kind regards

40.) d andreas from (Tuesday, 28. Dec 2004)
EMail: surfer19778@hotmail.com
about the windgirls-mag: sehr schöne und gute seite.......
macht weiter so!